Sholan Farms is a 169-acre farm, rich in history, owned by the City of Leominster and operated by the Friends of Sholan Farms; the farm is located at 1125 Pleasant Street.

The Friends of Sholan Farms is a community supported, non-profit organization managed by a group of dedicated members and volunteers. Our organization is managed independently from the City of Leominster and does not receive, or rely on City funding. Our funding comes from our product (apple, raspberry, blueberry, etc.) sales, festivals, tours, sponsors, and private donations.

The City of Leominster purchased the farm in 2001 at that time there were 60 acres of agricultural land being farmed entirely as an apple orchard. It was apparent that the size of the apple orchard operation was well in excess of the capability or intent of the Friends apple production, maintenance, and sales capability.

Consequently the Friends of Sholan Farms voted to adopt a plan to maintain an apple orchard operation consisting of 20 acres. The remaining 40 acres are being re-harvested to a new variety of crops.

Since 2001 the Friends have reclaimed an additional 6 acres of apple orchard, planted 1.5 acres of blueberries and .5 acres of raspberries, 15 new varieties of apples have also been added to the orchard.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be a family oriented, recreational, and educational farm making full use of natural resources with an integrated ecosystem that is practical and environmentally friendly. Our goal is constant improvement while striving to preserve and protect this diverse property. We desire to be beneficial to the community by bringing people, education, business, and culture to the City of Leominster and surrounding communities in Central Massachusetts.